“I was a complete wreck, and after three different friends referred me, I went to see Dr. Stanker. Two different surgeons had indicated that I needed a total of five different surgical procedures done. When I went to see Dr. Stanker, I had two already scheduled for my right hand. After 4-5 treatments I was able to cancel the surgeries. Dr. Stanker confidently fixed my hand, cautiously started working on my left rotator cuff impingment, and was able to advise me and direct me in a way that enabled me to cancel the surgery for my left foot peroneal tendon. Dr. Stanker has changed my life. Thank you.”


“When I first came in to see Dr. Stanker, I had unbearable headaches, numbness and tingling of the scalp; along with neck and shoulder pain. Now, all my headaches and neck pain have subsided, and the tingling and numbness in my scalp has gone away. Dr. Stanker is extremely attentive to my concerns and addresses them appropriately. I will recommend him to anyone who is in chronic pain. Any area Dr. Stanker has treated has greatly improved and decreased my pain substantially, and I haven’t had to come back as often!”


Friendly, patient, knowledgeable and skilled. Through minimal visits Luke has helped me with my neck and shoulder by reducing tightness, increasing range of motion and reducing dull pain. Active release treatment is the real deal.”

Myles G.

“I went and saw Dr. Stanker after I had been dealing with lower back pain for multiple days and stretching/yoga was just not helping. After just one session I felt like a new person, even better than I felt pre-injury. I will definitely make Chiropractic with Dr. Stanker a priority from here on out.”

Megan M.

Active Release Technique
Fascial Distortion Model

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